Types of Fairytale

In this time, I will tell you types of fairytale according to my culture (I’m sundanese btw) so the types maybe slightly different with that kind of fairytale you had learn in school. Fairytale is a (most of them are) short story, it contains non sense thing. Most of the fairytale stories are written by anonymous, but because a good documentation, most of the fairytale are written by the famous classic writers we know today, such as H.C. Andersen. Instead of entertainment purpose, fairytale was made to make the readers or the listeners wiser and more sensitive to his/her action, mostly actions that effect others.

There are 5 kind of fairytale, they are:
1. Fabel
2. Parabel
3. Legenda (legend)
4. Sage (pronounced as sa-gé)
5. Mite (or as we known as myth)

1. Fabel
Fabel is a kind of fairytale that tell us about animals, and they can speak, think like a human being. Example of fabel are: the enormous crocodile (by roald dahl), manxmouse (by paul gallico).

2. Parabel (parable)
Parabel is a fairytale that told us about umm, what can I say, it ‘happens’ in our daily basis. It has no sparkling magic, godmother, etc. This is my favourite kind of fairytale, because I don’t have to adjust my brain, and MAYBE it can happen in our life. The example of parabel are: madicken and lisabet (by Astrid lindgren), danny the champion of the world (by roald dahl); love, Aubrey (by suzanne la fleur)

3. Legenda (legend)
Legend, is the most common fairytale in my country. Legenda is a fairytale that tell us about how something is made. Bah, I know this definition sucks, I know what that thing is, but don’t know how to explain it. If you want to know further about this one, you should read ‘malin kundang’, ‘tangkuban parahu’, ‘situ bagendit’, and so on. You’ll know what I mean.

4. Sage
It’s that kind of fairytale that tell us about heroic action. No, it’s not that ‘disney’ heroic (prince saves the princess, and such). It’s like a hero saves his people from colonialism or monopoly.

5. Myth
Yeah, if you know Percy Jackson you must be familiar with this one. It tell us about gods, goddesses, or maybe other creatures (banshee, goblin, ghosts). Like: hobbit by j.r.r. Tolkien, Percy Jackson series, etc.


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