Book Addiction

Do you like books? Do you collect books? Well, we have the same hobby! I like books, I love hearing people’s opinion through books, I like getting secondary experience, etc. etc. etc,

But, just this morning, I realized I can’t control myself from buying books. I count it, and it’s like I bought a book maybe once until twice a week, and the book I bought is rarely cheap though.

I know, hobby is something that we love, we never get bored of doing it. But too much hobby is dangerous, I mean, We spent our life by doing hobby, prioritizing it, if I’m not doing it, I get anxious, nervous and loss my focus. 

Let’s count this. I have several activities that I love doing it, but I can’t do all of them everyday. My activities are:

  1. Carving stamps
  2. Reading books
  3. Practice writing with my left hand
  4. Learn Swedish
  5. Reviewing books
  6. Take a photograph of a book
  7. Take a photograph of my bobbies

I love doing all of these, but can you imagine I’m doing all of these 7 activities everyday? Sorry, It’s like I’m rushing but yes, I’m rushing.

I’m planning of fasting books. Why? As I mentioned before, I have shopping and book addiction. Mostly, I bought books that doesn’t available in the store, so I must bought the books in online store. And the payment of online store is, I can’t see the money I spent. I don’t know how much sheet of money I took to run this hobby.

This morning, I have count how much money I spent to run my hobby of collecting, reviewing, and take photograph of my books (Including the books in the wishlist). Note, Rp 10k is equal to $1:

  1. Astrid Lindgren’s – Pippi Longstocking                    : Rp 10k
  2. Astrid Lindgren’s – Pippi goes on board                    : Rp 10k
  3. Astrid Lindgren’s – Lotta                                                : Rp 10 k
  4. Astird Lindgren’s – Madicken and Lisabet                : FREE
  5. Astrid Lindgren’s – Pippi in Taka Tuka Land            : Rp 30k
  6. Astrid Lindgren’s – Madita                                             : Rp 30k
  7. Astrid Lindgren’s – Mio min Mio                                  : Rp 30k
  8. Astrid Lindgren’s – Emil from Lonneberg                 : Rp 30k
  9. Various’                   – Chronicle of Harris Burdick     : Rp 287k
  10. Jonas Karlsson’s   – The Invoice                                    : Rp 348k
  11. Brian Selznick’s    – Wonderstruck                              : Rp 29k
  12. Brian Selznick’s    – The Invention of Hugo Cabret: Rp 36k
  13. RJ Palacio’s             – 3 wonder stories                          : Rp 150k
  14. Kate DIcamillo’s   – A magician’s elephant               : Rp 150k

TOTAL: Rp 1,359 k (minus the invoice will be: Rp 1,011k) It’s a quarter of my tuition fee.

See? That’s just this year. I haven’t count how much books I bought last year and last semester. I have to managing my money, because my mom gave me the money for tuition fee and every studying needs per year. How am I gonna survive the next 5-6 semesters? Or maybe in the future?

So, from now I’m declaring my self, I’m gonna stop buy books  until my birthday, fortunately, Jonas Karlsson’s the invoice is still in publishing process, and it’s gonna be published on my birthday! yeaaay. I think I’m gonna ask my mom to buy the book as my birthday gift 😀

Previously, I already set some targets and rules on buying books. The rules are:

  1. Don’t buy books if the latest books aren’t 4-6 month old yet (This is the most impractical rule in my notes, so I removed it after a month)
  2. Maximum of unread books are 2, excluded giveaway books
  3. Maximum be borrowed books are 4 (my friends borrow books from me)
  4. Must read 1 epub in a week
  5. Must review a book once-twice a week

Number 2-5 rules are still running from now on, but I’m still buying books in online. And also I’m telling you I just open an online shop, I hope It’ll run smoothly. Still no customer yet, but there is a customer that asked about Haruki Murakami’s norwegian wood and he’s very enthusiast about the book. I hope I can sell 1 copy to him.

And from this incident, I found the disadvantages of reading books:

  1. Books make me rarely spend my money for my friends, My friends often asked me to watch a movie in a theater, or go on a picnic, or go to a amusement park. I always disagree on her suggestion and that makes me feel far away from my friends.
  2. Books make me lost my focus. I have plenty of text book to read, but I only read novels. And because the novels are so fun, I’m always think too much about it, thus make reminding the story I read before in anywhere and ANYTIME
  3. Books make my eyes watery more than it should be.
  4. (I think) books make me antisocial, I spent much time to read books more than interacting with other people.
  5. Doing this hobby (collecting books) makes me don’t think how money should be spent. I cut several budgets (buy a new battery for my phone, photocopying hand outs, I prefer walk from a place to place, to take a public transportation) that has sizable effect to my life and my amenities.

I’m gonna report how’s my progress next week. I hope (I keep saying ‘I hope’ in every paragraph) I’m succeed, wish me luck!


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