My Book Ban Report

Hufft, I think it’s have been 1-2 weeks, I haven’t write anything in this blog yet. I’ve been busy for a while, joining giveaways and doing all college activities.

Oh, what about my book ban. I keep myself busy, so I still maintain my book ban, aren’t I?

That’s half true. I still maintain my book ban….. onlinely. I haven’t buy anything in online store, especially books. And offline store? Book ban for offline store is ruined. I become a committee for my grand opening for campus’ bookstore. Of course there were a huge book fair right there. I ended up bought a journal about Flora in Java for 120k (normal price waas 200k). And I won 2 giveaway: a ‘Landline’ book by Rainbow Rowell from a local press and a book about maintaining an online store, the writer gave it to me from a seminar. Haven’t read both yet.

From 3 books, now I have 7 books to be read in my waiting list…

What books are those? I will tell you in the next post, see ya!


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