Free E books for Bloggers!** No Joke

Uhh I promised that I’m gonna post the books I’ve got from May until this month. But, there is another information that maybe some of have already know about it.

Currently, I’m waiting for my birthday in July 12th, because my favorite author, Jonas Karlsson will released his latest book The Invoice in my country. I have no idea what to do, besides doing my wreck this journal and studying for finals.

While exploring hashtags: #TheInvoice, I see @agent_books (in instagram) SHE HAS THE E BOOK I’M WAITING FOR! SHE GOT IT FOR FREE!!!

There is a website called , the give e books for free**

All you need is register, fill the form. You need to have ‘a few’ followers and subscribers. It can be from twitter or word press or google plus. And remember you must keep your blog active at least a post in a week. They’ll ask for a screenshot of your numbers of followers or wordpress stats!

I know my followers in wordpress aren’t enough:( and my twitter is inactive for a long long time. I will tell you if I’m adequate or not in the next post + the books I’ve got from May to June. See ya!


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