How to fix VSCOCAM troubleshoot ‘insufficient memory’ when importing a picture

Note: my phone is oppo neo 3 / r813k

Hello! Yesterday I tried to edit a picture with vsco cam app. The picture was taken from a dslr camera, so it has a bigger size and higher resolution. Previously, I had the ‘insufficient memory, please erase apps’ troubleshoot in my phone. However, It was fixed by uninstalling google play updates (the phone was fine for a few months). And then when I want to edit a picture with vscocam, the troubleshoot become worse. There’s a pop up message that forced me to uninstall my apps. Even I have 10 GB free space in sd card also 0.9 GB free in the phone/ system storage. The pop up message appear at least per 5 seconds. What a nerve right?


I tried this and this is works (for me):

  1.  Go to settings > apps
  2. Go to ‘installed’



3. Now choose the apps that I-still-need-it-but-rarely-use-it and those which its data can be synchronized in another device (for me, I often use instagram and youtube, rarely use facebook, twitter, also path. Vscocam data can be synchronized again, just by relogin. So, I pick vsco, facebook, twitter, path). I suggest you to not choose youtube, if you have saved videos in its apps, you’ll have to resave it again.
4. Click the apps, and choose ‘clear data’


4. Voila! Your phone is like new again!

Nb: the screencaps was taken after I fix this problem.

Is it works for you? Let me know by commenting in this blog. See you next time!


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