Book Diet

Hej guys! Remember me?

Yes, my book ban has officially ruined a few months ago. Since July – August are my midsummer holiday, I keep buying books (most of them are preloved also limited edition). I won’t miss a chance to own those books, since the ebook wasn’t available. One of the books was already uploaded (the read aloud version) in youtube, can you guess it, which book was that?

Apart from books, I also doing some new kind of activities, like: tapestry weaving, playing with my cat, watch videos, bookstagram, vsco cam, wreck this journal, and so on.

And, before august will be end soon, I will ‘closing’ my book habit with increasing my collection of astrid lindgren’s books. Her books was published in the early 2009, it has a little chance to be republished again because it wasn’t sold really well.

Before making this decision, I also talked with a friend, she likes books too. Our conversation was like this:

*previously talking about allegiant*

Her: yeah, because there are many things that weren’t explained in the movies

Me: Hey, I need your opinion. Remember about the ‘the brothers lionheart’ I recommended for you? Just last night (to be honest a month ago) I discovered the book was available in an e-commerce! Do you think I should buy it? It’s rather expensive, Rp 100.000 (normally, kid lit genre only costs about max. Rp 30.000) and it also not new

Her: I think you should check its rating first

Me: It has big rating, 4.3/ 5. And the book will not be republished again.

Her: I think you better buy it. It’s really worth because it’s limited edition. Don’t miss the chance! Before it will be owned by someone else.

Me: ah thanks.

I know, last week I had a light family problem (about food scramble). It getting into my nerves…. because of it, I want to shops more of astrid lindgren’s books (my plan was getting 1 book). The budget reach at number 300.000….. I can’t think clearly when I’m depressed

And I also confused, when I ask something I REALLY REALLY want to my mom, she just responds “you have your own money right? Just use it” she said :’|

“Just use it” “Just use it” “Just use it” “Just use it” “Just use it” “Just use it” “Just use it” “Just use it” the words keep buzzing in my head, whenever I found something interesting

In my previous post, I accumulated my budget for books. It reach at number 1 million rupiahs. If it summed with my summer books shopping, I think it almost reach 2 million rupiahs, exclude this ‘closing book habit’.

My book diet will be ended at December, I have a big feeling that this time I will mean it! See you soon!

NB: the list of ‘what I will buy this year’ wasn’t running like I expected. I got ‘the invoice’ book for free from blogging for books. ‘The chronicles of Harris Burdick’ paperback version was just available in an import bookstore a week ago. So, I replace them with another books in my reading list

Hiduplah sederhana, supaya orang lain bisa hidup (Gandhi in Life lessons for women by Stephanie Marston)

Live simple, so others can live too (Gandhi in Life lessons for women by Stephanie Marston)


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