Book diet: week 1

Phew! Finally a week has passed! And all of my orders of Astrid Lindgren books has arrived!

Well, maybe most of you thought that “oh, that’s great! Your books collections increased! You must be having fun reading the books!”

Well, that’s not true.
Usually I can read 300 pages in one day, but yesterday, I finished emil and the sneaky rat in 2 days… My reading ability (also my sight) has decreased. I haven’t see an eye doctor yet, but I feel it. When I watch a movie with the subtitles on, and the caption taxt becomes 2… It’s a very bad thing

Besides, I lost very much hair this month. I read somewhere that there are 3 problems causing BAD hair fall: stress, and I don’t remember the rest of the causes, haha. I think about books and bookstore discounts too much. So far, I’ve missed 3 discounts promotions in several bookstore. And I’m very gald and proud about it, why?

For example, when I haven’t bought Astrid Lindgren’s books, I’m over thinking about it too much, I can’t sleep in most nights, I spent so MUCH time on the screen looking at the stuff I don’t need. When the stuff arrived at the door, I was thinking: “damnit! What did I do with these books? I just discovered that level again game and twenty! I dont need this stuff to killing my time!” Well, I don’t want to refund this stuff either…

When I look at my room, I realized that, my books has been spreading to the other desk in my room. I will get another difficulty and more time to tidying and arranging my stuff.

So, from my firts week of ny book diet, I learned that:
– I don’t have to buy books at every certain occasions (such as independence day discount, end of month discounts)
– I must be careful more next time when choosing a book in a bookstore (there are so much books that can be read at ince, but feel really boring and awful when I reread it again)
– I must pay very much attention to my health (I easily get dizzy after waking up or standing after crouching. In fact, I’m not 20 uears old yet)

So, this is my book ban. How’s yours? See ya!


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