Book diet week three

Finally! I can’t believe I’ll made it until week 3! Recently, I had been visiting a bookstore not very far from my house, about 1.5 km I think. I was very passionately want to buy at least a book that day. And I don’t buy a book! I only bought 2 bookmarks and a folder for my sister. I’m so glad my book diet works really well😆

I’m not completely happy to be honest. There are a pile of (good) bargain books in the bookstore, for example: agatha Christie, roald dahl, penguin classics, Shakespeare, and Stephen king. I want to buy miss miss marple’s final cases and the green mile series. Normally, english books costs Rp 80.000 – 150.000 for paperbacks. These books only costs 30.000 thick or not. Isn’t it a good deal?

Well, my mom promised me, she’ll buy a book if I finished reading Quran. It’s so close. I think it’s about 30 pages left.

Here’s my to-be-read list if you guys wonder:
1. Pax (illustrated by jon klassen)
2. The nest (illustrated by jon klassen)
3. Brambly hedge
4. The seacrow island (by Astrid lindgren)
5. The chronicles of harris burdick


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