How to Fix a Hardback book

Hej guys! Long time no posting hehe. I’ve been busy with college activities and book haul. Yes, book haul. My book diet was ruined in September, I’ll tell you the detail later.

So, literature world is surely booming and become very populare lately. There are so many novels turned out into movies, and the opposite. For example, Miss Pregrine’s home for Peculiar Children, Room by Emma Donoghue, etc.

Currently, I’m collecting secondhand books from the previous owner. The price is very acceptable, sometimes the book condition makes me so sad: missing dust jacket, torn off end papers orĀ  the pages itself. The most recent secondhand book I bought was The Illustrated Book of Fairy Tales by Neil Philip. Here’s the book:

The condition is very acceptable (for me). As long as the pages is still complete, I shall keep the book

If the front cover isn’t attached to the book’s pages, it’ll make me easier to fix the book. I must separate it from the book for awhile

Things you’ll need:


Pardon my thumb

1. The broken book
2. Cutter (it should be small)
3. White glue (or fox glue/, some people call it PVAc glue)
4. Big binder clips


1. Separate the cover. Poke between the holes, in the hole, there is a string (that keep the book tied up). Do it gently, so you wouldn’t cut the string.

2. Cut it using the cutter.

3. Ah, the hardcover is separated from the (book) pages! Now, spread the glue in to the spine, you may spread some to the spine of the pages too. If the glue is too sticky or hard, you can add a little water to the glue.

4. Close the book, and clip the book spine with the binder clip. You also may clip the right side of the book, so there’ll be no one would open it. Keep the spine down, leave it in one night


5. In the next day, open the book and Voila! There are no broken spine anymore! Plus, its value is increased since it’s not a broken book anymore!

I’ll add more books-related tips in the next posts! See you next time!


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