Collection of Archived Thesaurus

Well, the purpose of this post is I just want to share a few of thesaurus online. It’s because I got a group project of creating a medical thesaurus. If you studying library science, someday you’ll be given a similar task like mine.

Before creating a thesaurus, first, you must define the topics. Contact consultant or an expert of the topics. For example, my task is to create a medical thesaurus. So I must contact with (at least) librarian in the medical faculty or university librarian. Phew, after consulting, there are so much branch in medical subject! To make it easier and easily understandable with common readers, I think I will choose medical terms that frequently being mentioned in everyday life. Like: allergy, aerosol, glycerin, retina, fever, and so on.

Second, get an existing dictionary and thesauri. This will make us see the correlation between terms and terms easier. Oh also, you may get an english-foreign language if it’s available, to get the synonym from other languages.

Third, preview the work. Reorganize the words and choose which one is the preferred terms. Build hierarchical and associative among the terms.

End, create the draft. You may insert some pictures that describe the term clearer


So far, here’s the thesaurus in the internet (some pages cannot be archived due to robot.txt):

a. Roget’s Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases

b. Thesaurus of Traditional English and Metaphors

c. The Well Spoken Thesaurus by Tom Heehler (401 pages in total)

d. Using a Thesaurus by Nigel A. Caplan (Actually it’s not a thesaurus, it’s just a collection of Mr. Caplan’s slides with his explanation of thesaurus. And included a few websites you can use as aid when building your own thesaurus)

e. Plain Language Thesaurus for Health Communication (44 pages)

f. Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns (256 pages)

g. Controlled Vocabulary & Thesaurus Design: Trainee’s Manual by Rich Gazan (not a thesaurus. Similar with Mr. Caplan’s slide, this is a collection of slides that been used for  LoC’s  Cataloger’s Learning Workshop. 196 pages, include exercises that you can do at home)

h. The Oxford Thesaurus: An A-Z Dictionary of Synonyms (2062 pages)


I’ll update if I could, and maybe upload my project when it’s finished


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