A Trip to Pustakalana: the little hidden place full of treasure

After many weeks passed (actually it’s MONTHS lol), I can take my breath from tasks and assignments. I could sleep normally, even longer than usual. Haha. Thankss to the lecturers at uni, who always  help me by giving easy ttasks and replace final exams with easier things to do at home.

Since I have extra time to do leisure activities, I have to go out more too! Recently I visited Pustakalana, a children library in Bandung. It was 8.1 km away from home, the journey took more than 40 minutes. It was worth it.

As I said before, Pustakalana is a children library. So, its collection was books with kidlit genre (mostly). Picture books, small toys, a few of them are novels for middle aged person, and reference books (about paintings and american literature). Kidlit is my favorite book genre. Found a library that collects kidlit books is like heaven to me! I feel like I found a match for life haha! Ok, that’s overreacting….

Not only books, Pustakalana also held some activities which is good for children and their parents (who already become a member). For example, Mother Goose Club, the staff will teach the children how to sing nursery rhymes. Thus, Parents Club, the staff and group of parents will discuss how to take care of their children. There are 3-4 clubs in total. Exclude other activities that collab’ with local communities.

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