How to find Sampling Size with just Sampling Error

Tjena! This time, I’ll tell you how to find Sampling Size with just Sampling Error ONLY! No need another numbers, calculation, equation, or any other complicated things as such. Even, it’s easier than flipping your hands! You’ll find the sampling size in less than 15 seconds!

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Collection of Archived Thesaurus

Well, the purpose of this post is I just want to share a few of thesaurus online. It’s because I got a group project of creating a medical thesaurus. If you studying library science, someday you’ll be given a similar task like mine.

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How to fix VSCOCAM troubleshoot ‘insufficient memory’ when importing a picture

Note: my phone is oppo neo 3 / r813k

Hello! Yesterday I tried to edit a picture with vsco cam app. The picture was taken from a dslr camera, so it has a bigger size and higher resolution. Previously, I had the ‘insufficient memory, please erase apps’ troubleshoot in my phone. However, It was fixed by uninstalling google play updates (the phone was fine for a few months). And then when I want to edit a picture with vscocam, the troubleshoot become worse. There’s a pop up message that forced me to uninstall my apps. Even I have 10 GB free space in sd card also 0.9 GB free in the phone/ system storage. The pop up message appear at least per 5 seconds. What a nerve right?

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E-book Guide tentang ‘Beasiswa’ dan Kuliah di Luar Negeri

Silahkan download di sini:
1. Study di korea

2. Study di China

3. Study di UK

4. Study ke USA

Cited: Line@ Info Beasiswa UNPAD

Types of Fairytale

In this time, I will tell you types of fairytale according to my culture (I’m sundanese btw) so the types maybe slightly different with that kind of fairytale you had learn in school. Fairytale is a (most of them are) short story, it contains non sense thing. Most of the fairytale stories are written by anonymous, but because a good documentation, most of the fairytale are written by the famous classic writers we know today, such as H.C. Andersen. Continue reading “Types of Fairytale”