Can you help me to find some books that lead me to such information?

Hey guuys! It’s me again. College is very very beyond of my expectations._.

I mean, sure it is, the people are nice, the time is so much flexible than in high school. Yeah, but few of the people are assholes :/

Anyway, have you ever heard about me learning in No? OK, for anyone who’s willing to learn (and want to work hard to reach those skills as the artists in the instagram), you better check the website. I have been learning  since last December of 2016, and I can feel the change in my hands, also my heart.

Eh, I forgot what was supposed to be typed haha. If you ever join some art class , science, and geography class, you must be know about diversity of flora and fauna right? For example, birds in Java island is different from the birds in Lombok island. Most of the birds in Lombok has bright and shiny colours, and the size are also big, unlike in Java island.

I need books (or any information source- website) that give me information like that, but more complex.

I had found the example of the book. It’s Silver Secrets by Silver-Burdett Ginn publisher. Unfortunately, the book just provide me a few of differentiation of animals. Such as, the difference between hare & rabbit, crocodile & ____, iguana & chameleon.

If you had read any book that has similar information as the last paragraph above, please let me know by commenting in this post >.<

It’ll be more helpful if the source (books or website) provide some information like these:

  • Differentiation of animals in one species (for example, Elephant is one kind of mammal species. But do you know that elephants from Africa had larger ears than elephants in Asia?)
  • How to draw race? (Drawing faces and give them uniqueness is easy, but do you know exactly what to draw when you want to illustrate humans of negroid, mongolian, or maybe caucasian, and even people from Sri Lanka? My art teacher in the high school said, each race has its own ‘face composition’ to define them. Unfortunately I don’t know what book I should pick to learn more about this.)

Thank you for all of the support! In the next post I’ll tell you about my reasons of why I draw and my silly experiences/ attempts to build this skill. See you next time!


NB: do you enjoy my books review? Do you have any suggestion of what book should I review? Is it more fun to read a book tour (a review which contain each chapters of the book being break down by the reviewer) or just the review only? Do not hesitate to comments 🙂


Fantastic postcards and where to find them

Hallå! So sorry for not posting in a very long time! >.< If you have been following my blog for months, you must be already know that I’m so so so interested in postcrossing community:D

Nah buat yang suka sama postcrossing, udah tau belum, dimana aja kalian bisa beli kartu pos (secara offline), khususnya di daerah Bandung?

I’ve been travelling for a while when I’m not posting anything here. Yah jadi inilah hasil huntinganku keliling-keliling kota Bandung buat nyari kartu pos hehe. Mudah-mudahan bisa berguna buat kalian yang mau beli kartu pos.

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Free E books for Bloggers!** No Joke

Uhh I promised that I’m gonna post the books I’ve got from May until this month. But, there is another information that maybe some of have already know about it.

Currently, I’m waiting for my birthday in July 12th, because my favorite author, Jonas Karlsson will released his latest book The Invoice in my country. I have no idea what to do, besides doing my wreck this journal and studying for finals.

While exploring hashtags: #TheInvoice, I see @agent_books (in instagram) SHE HAS THE E BOOK I’M WAITING FOR! SHE GOT IT FOR FREE!!!

There is a website called , the give e books for free**

All you need is register, fill the form. You need to have ‘a few’ followers and subscribers. It can be from twitter or word press or google plus. And remember you must keep your blog active at least a post in a week. They’ll ask for a screenshot of your numbers of followers or wordpress stats!

I know my followers in wordpress aren’t enough:( and my twitter is inactive for a long long time. I will tell you if I’m adequate or not in the next post + the books I’ve got from May to June. See ya!

Books Shopping Cycle


So, I’ve been told by someone to respect their creation. And YES indeed, I already did it. If the book are good enough to be displayed in my bookshelf, I will not hesitate to buy the  legal ones. Most of the books in my e-shelf are already displayed in my wood-shelf (a.k.a I already bought it).

Reading the preview in the amazon isn’t enough.

A trip to Reading Lights Bandung

Ok, maybe you’ve seen my previous post about book ban. Yeah I’m doing a book ban now. Yesterday was an ascension day and today is isra miraj day. Since this is a golden week,  we can’t spend it just by staying at home.

Speaking of golden week, the first day of it, I’m spending the time in Reading Lights Bandung! I know this bookstore from a public lecture when it was world books day. It’s a library-bookstore-cafe. There is such a little thing about library cafe in Indonesia, especially in Bandung. As a business appreciator, I’m gonna take a hit.

Reading Lights is located in Jalan Siliwangi Bandung no. 16, It’s not far from bbs Cikapundung, about 100 m away. If you want to go there, you can take a damri from buah batu and stop in Jalan Dipatiukur, thus take a cicaheum and ciroyom angkot. Angkot is a small car public transportation that has specific colors and different tracks in each colors.

Since Reading Lights is a library based, the books are second condition, all in foreign language (majority english, few are dutch or german) and only sells it at the very low low low price, it’s about Rp 5000 – 300.000, depends on the author, ratings and how old the book is. Me and my sister bought 4 books (1 HC) for only 100.000, isn’t that amazing?


Welcome to your new home!

It’s my first time going to RL, the visitors are not many, I arrived at 12.05 in the mid day, and we are the FIRST customer. It was cloudy outside, when we entered the store I admit it was a little bit spooky.

The collections are not as many as you see from their twitter or facebook, maybe most of the books were being bought by the previous customers. You are able to book a book for 10 days and pay it later. Which is I think impossible because the books are very cheap tho. Or  if you are looking for a book and it’s unavailable, you can wait in the waiting list. OR if you don’t have any money, you can only read books WITHOUT order anything!

RL doesn’t provide heavy meal like rice, or burger. But they provides some ‘heavy’ snack such as sandwich, french fries, cream soup, pancake, spaghetti; and regular beverages such as coffee, tea, and soft drinks. The price of beverages are about Rp 5.000 – 20.000 and the price of food is about Rp 18.000 – 35.000.

It also provide a praying room, an unisex toilet, smoking area, and WIFI. Praying room and toilet are on the second floor, you must take the  left stairs, the right stairs led you to the office which is forbidden. If you buy books at least Rp 100.000, you can get a member card! The benefits of being a member are:

  1. You can get 10% discount on beverage
  2. Collect the stamps and you’ll get a discount!
  3. You can exchange books!
  4. You can sell books here (I thinks it’s valid to all visitors)

I took some photos of RL, just take a look!

NB: the manager you see as the cashier is Teh Puti, she’s alumnus from Unpad who took destintry major

Types of Fairytale

In this time, I will tell you types of fairytale according to my culture (I’m sundanese btw) so the types maybe slightly different with that kind of fairytale you had learn in school. Fairytale is a (most of them are) short story, it contains non sense thing. Most of the fairytale stories are written by anonymous, but because a good documentation, most of the fairytale are written by the famous classic writers we know today, such as H.C. Andersen. Continue reading “Types of Fairytale”