A Trip to Omuniuum: A Shop For Reading an Listening

Honsetly, my latest visit to this place was almost 2 years ago. There maybe changes or variations occur, but I believe this store is still awesome.

Well as you see the title, Omuniuum is a shop for reading and listening. But I think it’s more than that. Because this store also sells sketchbook, POSTCARDS (yeaay), t-shirt, tote bag, toys (not sure if it’s diecast), and many more. Most of the t-shirts are merch from local bands. Sometimes, this store also sell concert tickets, by local bands of course.

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A Trip to Pustakalana: the little hidden place full of treasure

After many weeks passed (actually it’s MONTHS lol), I can take my breath from tasks and assignments. I could sleep normally, even longer than usual. Haha. Thankss to the lecturers at uni, who always  help me by giving easy ttasks and replace final exams with easier things to do at home.

Since I have extra time to do leisure activities, I have to go out more too! Recently I visited Pustakalana, a children library in Bandung. It was 8.1 km away from home, the journey took more than 40 minutes. It was worth it.

As I said before, Pustakalana is a children library. So, its collection was books with kidlit genre (mostly). Picture books, small toys, a few of them are novels for middle aged person, and reference books (about paintings and american literature). Kidlit is my favorite book genre. Found a library that collects kidlit books is like heaven to me! I feel like I found a match for life haha! Ok, that’s overreacting….

Not only books, Pustakalana also held some activities which is good for children and their parents (who already become a member). For example, Mother Goose Club, the staff will teach the children how to sing nursery rhymes. Thus, Parents Club, the staff and group of parents will discuss how to take care of their children. There are 3-4 clubs in total. Exclude other activities that collab’ with local communities.

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Kantor Pos di citylink (Ada kantor pos di mall?? O_o)

Long time no see! I guess? Hai udah lama ga ngepost nih. Setelah berusaha menerapkan book ban semenjak berbulan bulan yg lalu, hasilnya yah… Book bannya tetep gagal hehe. Oh iya, tips buat yg pengen puasa dari buku, mendingan cari kesibukan yg similar. Kalo aku sih, sedang menekuni menggambar, botanical painting (ternyata gambar bunga susah ya, apalagi yg kecil2 tapi banyak-,-), crafting (meskipun jarang2), dan yg saat ini sedang sangat ditekuni yaitu postcrossing!

Nah, bagi yg belum tau, postcrossing adalah kegiatab tujar menukar kartu pos dengan orang-orang dari penjuru dunia. Eh iya definisinya masih rampung hehehe.

Tapi apakah kartu posnya harus beli? Kan mahal. Lagian dimana juga toko yg jual kartu pos? Pos kan udah dead gara2 ada commercial shipping dan ga ada yg butuh perangko.

Eitss jangan salah sangka. Bisnis yg dilakukan oleh pt pos Indonesia ga cuma me-deliver surat dan paket aja kok. Ada bisnis swalayan, kirim uang pake wesel, dll. Jadi pos Indonesia belum dead yaa (hopefully).

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Testimoni Bukalapak

Hi guys! Rasanya udah lama nih ga ngepost testimonial di blog ini, maklum ya lagi book diet, jadi jarang2 beli beli online deh.😋

Nah e-commerce yang akan dibahas disini yaitu bukalapak! Pasti udah pada denger kan, dari internet atau iklan di tv. Keunikan bukalapak yaitu pembeli akan mentransfer uangnya ke rek. bukalapak, bukan ke rek. pelapaknya secara langsung. Kalo barangnya udah nyampe di tangan pembeli, baru deh pelapak akan menerima uang pembeli yg ada di rek. milik bukalapak ini. Hasilnya gimana yaa? Apakah tetep aman?

Nah dari pengalaman aku sih, ada 2/3 transaksinya berjalan mulus, salah satunya engga. Gini nih ceritanya:

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Free E books for Bloggers!** No Joke

Uhh I promised that I’m gonna post the books I’ve got from May until this month. But, there is another information that maybe some of have already know about it.

Currently, I’m waiting for my birthday in July 12th, because my favorite author, Jonas Karlsson will released his latest book The Invoice in my country. I have no idea what to do, besides doing my wreck this journal and studying for finals.

While exploring hashtags: #TheInvoice, I see @agent_books (in instagram) SHE HAS THE E BOOK I’M WAITING FOR! SHE GOT IT FOR FREE!!!

There is a website called http://www.booklookbloggers.com/ , the give e books for free**

All you need is register, fill the form. You need to have ‘a few’ followers and subscribers. It can be from twitter or word press or google plus. And remember you must keep your blog active at least a post in a week. They’ll ask for a screenshot of your numbers of followers or wordpress stats!

I know my followers in wordpress aren’t enough:( and my twitter is inactive for a long long time. I will tell you if I’m adequate or not in the next post + the books I’ve got from May to June. See ya!

Testimoni @allucanpick END

Setelah sekian hari menghilang, aku langsung menghubungi owner @thisisnotabookstore. Katanya sista itu siap ngebantuin aku buat ngegeberin admin @allucanpick. Akhirnya sekitar 1-2 hari, admin allucanpick  menghubungi aku. Katanya bukunya memang tidak sampai di rumahnya, jadi admin itu akan merefund uangku. The end.

Yah, kesimpulannya, memang banyak hal-hal di luar dugaan kalau membeli barang online, apalagi yang PO. Untungnya olshop yang ini mau bertanggung jawab. Banyak kok, kejadian orang lain yang serupa denganku, tapi uang maupun orderan mereka tidak ada yang sampai. Demikianlah

Testi belanja buku pre order di @allucanpick (instagram)

Long time no see,eh?

Kalau pernah baca posting postingan aku sebelumnya, kalian tau kan kalau aku sedang menjalani masa book ban. Yaitu dimana aku ga boleh belanja buku (apalagi online) selama periode tertentu.

Nah kalau kasus ini, aku udah belanja buku sebelum masa bookban. Aku belanja di instagram.com/allucanpick , waktu dulu aku pernah menang giveaway + beli buku di mitra olshopnya, yaitu @thisisnotabookstore, karena kebanyakan barang thisisnotabookstore sudah ready, jadi aku belanja di allucanpick, kata owner thisisnotabookstore katanya sama aja sih. Dan memang barang2 allucanpick mostly PO, aku udah liat testinya dan langsung capcus aja transfer. Pemesanannya sekitar pertengahan atau akhir maret lah (sekarang tanggal 20 mei).

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A trip to Reading Lights Bandung

Ok, maybe you’ve seen my previous post about book ban. Yeah I’m doing a book ban now. Yesterday was an ascension day and today is isra miraj day. Since this is a golden week,  we can’t spend it just by staying at home.

Speaking of golden week, the first day of it, I’m spending the time in Reading Lights Bandung! I know this bookstore from a public lecture when it was world books day. It’s a library-bookstore-cafe. There is such a little thing about library cafe in Indonesia, especially in Bandung. As a business appreciator, I’m gonna take a hit.

Reading Lights is located in Jalan Siliwangi Bandung no. 16, It’s not far from bbs Cikapundung, about 100 m away. If you want to go there, you can take a damri from buah batu and stop in Jalan Dipatiukur, thus take a cicaheum and ciroyom angkot. Angkot is a small car public transportation that has specific colors and different tracks in each colors.

Since Reading Lights is a library based, the books are second condition, all in foreign language (majority english, few are dutch or german) and only sells it at the very low low low price, it’s about Rp 5000 – 300.000, depends on the author, ratings and how old the book is. Me and my sister bought 4 books (1 HC) for only 100.000, isn’t that amazing?


Welcome to your new home!

It’s my first time going to RL, the visitors are not many, I arrived at 12.05 in the mid day, and we are the FIRST customer. It was cloudy outside, when we entered the store I admit it was a little bit spooky.

The collections are not as many as you see from their twitter or facebook, maybe most of the books were being bought by the previous customers. You are able to book a book for 10 days and pay it later. Which is I think impossible because the books are very cheap tho. Or  if you are looking for a book and it’s unavailable, you can wait in the waiting list. OR if you don’t have any money, you can only read books WITHOUT order anything!

RL doesn’t provide heavy meal like rice, or burger. But they provides some ‘heavy’ snack such as sandwich, french fries, cream soup, pancake, spaghetti; and regular beverages such as coffee, tea, and soft drinks. The price of beverages are about Rp 5.000 – 20.000 and the price of food is about Rp 18.000 – 35.000.

It also provide a praying room, an unisex toilet, smoking area, and WIFI. Praying room and toilet are on the second floor, you must take the  left stairs, the right stairs led you to the office which is forbidden. If you buy books at least Rp 100.000, you can get a member card! The benefits of being a member are:

  1. You can get 10% discount on beverage
  2. Collect the stamps and you’ll get a discount!
  3. You can exchange books!
  4. You can sell books here (I thinks it’s valid to all visitors)

I took some photos of RL, just take a look!

NB: the manager you see as the cashier is Teh Puti, she’s alumnus from Unpad who took destintry major