About the upcoming book ‘The Invoice’ by Jonas Karlsson

Preface: before you discard this book because of my 2 stars, I just want you to know that I’m a loyal reader of Jonas Karlsson’s books. The first book I read from him was The Room. I don’t read satire so much, maybe this genre wasn’t written for me.


Here comes the book!

The Invoice told us about a passionate film buff, works at video store, the company of a few precious friends, and daily routine that involves sunny day, ice cream pizza, and such. When he receives a mysterious invoice letter, written by random bureau authority. It said he must pay about 5 million kronor, which is not a small number for him.

For someone who just started read Karlsson’s books, his books were written very short. Each chapters only contain about 5 pages, no more. I love his diction, the writing is very light. I’m sure any elementary students can finish this book in a short period.

Nope, just no. I get the allegory. But it was all played after 30 pages. The only part of the book that was okay for me was about midway through when our nameless narrator discovering what kind of company that owes him that much of money. At least that provided a bit of story. After that? Our hero digging from his memory and tried to minimize the invoice, and his interaction between the-customer-service-lady on the phone, is mainly told in the story.

Thus begin 2 things, a semi philosophical, satirical examination of what happiness really is. Certainly there’s some humor in this one, I wasn’t impressive. The entire satire was based on such ludicrous of this insane tax, and the protagonist is just so bland and boring(part of the point naturally) that I came close to liking this at this time, and really wanted it to be a solid 3 stars at the very least, but I cannot honestly say that I ever actually liked it, just came sort of close at moments

I’m so sad that this book will be published on my birthday, but after reading this advance copy I rather looking for something else as my birthday gift.

Since this is his first book, I will ‘forgive’ him this time, I will still read more of his books.