How to Fix a Hardback book

Hej guys! Long time no posting hehe. I’ve been busy with college activities and book haul. Yes, book haul. My book diet was ruined in September, I’ll tell you the detail later.

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Testimoni Bukalapak

Hi guys! Rasanya udah lama nih ga ngepost testimonial di blog ini, maklum ya lagi book diet, jadi jarang2 beli beli online deh.😋

Nah e-commerce yang akan dibahas disini yaitu bukalapak! Pasti udah pada denger kan, dari internet atau iklan di tv. Keunikan bukalapak yaitu pembeli akan mentransfer uangnya ke rek. bukalapak, bukan ke rek. pelapaknya secara langsung. Kalo barangnya udah nyampe di tangan pembeli, baru deh pelapak akan menerima uang pembeli yg ada di rek. milik bukalapak ini. Hasilnya gimana yaa? Apakah tetep aman?

Nah dari pengalaman aku sih, ada 2/3 transaksinya berjalan mulus, salah satunya engga. Gini nih ceritanya:

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Book diet week three

Finally! I can’t believe I’ll made it until week 3! Recently, I had been visiting a bookstore not very far from my house, about 1.5 km I think. I was very passionately want to buy at least a book that day. And I don’t buy a book! I only bought 2 bookmarks and a folder for my sister. I’m so glad my book diet works really well😆

I’m not completely happy to be honest. There are a pile of (good) bargain books in the bookstore, for example: agatha Christie, roald dahl, penguin classics, Shakespeare, and Stephen king. I want to buy miss miss marple’s final cases and the green mile series. Normally, english books costs Rp 80.000 – 150.000 for paperbacks. These books only costs 30.000 thick or not. Isn’t it a good deal?

Well, my mom promised me, she’ll buy a book if I finished reading Quran. It’s so close. I think it’s about 30 pages left.

Here’s my to-be-read list if you guys wonder:
1. Pax (illustrated by jon klassen)
2. The nest (illustrated by jon klassen)
3. Brambly hedge
4. The seacrow island (by Astrid lindgren)
5. The chronicles of harris burdick

Book diet: week 1

Phew! Finally a week has passed! And all of my orders of Astrid Lindgren books has arrived!

Well, maybe most of you thought that “oh, that’s great! Your books collections increased! You must be having fun reading the books!”

Well, that’s not true.
Usually I can read 300 pages in one day, but yesterday, I finished emil and the sneaky rat in 2 days… My reading ability (also my sight) has decreased. I haven’t see an eye doctor yet, but I feel it. When I watch a movie with the subtitles on, and the caption taxt becomes 2… It’s a very bad thing

Besides, I lost very much hair this month. I read somewhere that there are 3 problems causing BAD hair fall: stress, and I don’t remember the rest of the causes, haha. I think about books and bookstore discounts too much. So far, I’ve missed 3 discounts promotions in several bookstore. And I’m very gald and proud about it, why?

For example, when I haven’t bought Astrid Lindgren’s books, I’m over thinking about it too much, I can’t sleep in most nights, I spent so MUCH time on the screen looking at the stuff I don’t need. When the stuff arrived at the door, I was thinking: “damnit! What did I do with these books? I just discovered that level again game and twenty! I dont need this stuff to killing my time!” Well, I don’t want to refund this stuff either…

When I look at my room, I realized that, my books has been spreading to the other desk in my room. I will get another difficulty and more time to tidying and arranging my stuff.

So, from my firts week of ny book diet, I learned that:
– I don’t have to buy books at every certain occasions (such as independence day discount, end of month discounts)
– I must be careful more next time when choosing a book in a bookstore (there are so much books that can be read at ince, but feel really boring and awful when I reread it again)
– I must pay very much attention to my health (I easily get dizzy after waking up or standing after crouching. In fact, I’m not 20 uears old yet)

So, this is my book ban. How’s yours? See ya!

Book Diet

Hej guys! Remember me?

Yes, my book ban has officially ruined a few months ago. Since July – August are my midsummer holiday, I keep buying books (most of them are preloved also limited edition). I won’t miss a chance to own those books, since the ebook wasn’t available. One of the books was already uploaded (the read aloud version) in youtube, can you guess it, which book was that?

Apart from books, I also doing some new kind of activities, like: tapestry weaving, playing with my cat, watch videos, bookstagram, vsco cam, wreck this journal, and so on.

And, before august will be end soon, I will ‘closing’ my book habit with increasing my collection of astrid lindgren’s books. Her books was published in the early 2009, it has a little chance to be republished again because it wasn’t sold really well.

Before making this decision, I also talked with a friend, she likes books too. Our conversation was like this:

*previously talking about allegiant*

Her: yeah, because there are many things that weren’t explained in the movies

Me: Hey, I need your opinion. Remember about the ‘the brothers lionheart’ I recommended for you? Just last night (to be honest a month ago) I discovered the book was available in an e-commerce! Do you think I should buy it? It’s rather expensive, Rp 100.000 (normally, kid lit genre only costs about max. Rp 30.000) and it also not new

Her: I think you should check its rating first

Me: It has big rating, 4.3/ 5. And the book will not be republished again.

Her: I think you better buy it. It’s really worth because it’s limited edition. Don’t miss the chance! Before it will be owned by someone else.

Me: ah thanks.

I know, last week I had a light family problem (about food scramble). It getting into my nerves…. because of it, I want to shops more of astrid lindgren’s books (my plan was getting 1 book). The budget reach at number 300.000….. I can’t think clearly when I’m depressed

And I also confused, when I ask something I REALLY REALLY want to my mom, she just responds “you have your own money right? Just use it” she said :’|

“Just use it” “Just use it” “Just use it” “Just use it” “Just use it” “Just use it” “Just use it” “Just use it” the words keep buzzing in my head, whenever I found something interesting

In my previous post, I accumulated my budget for books. It reach at number 1 million rupiahs. If it summed with my summer books shopping, I think it almost reach 2 million rupiahs, exclude this ‘closing book habit’.

My book diet will be ended at December, I have a big feeling that this time I will mean it! See you soon!

NB: the list of ‘what I will buy this year’ wasn’t running like I expected. I got ‘the invoice’ book for free from blogging for books. ‘The chronicles of Harris Burdick’ paperback version was just available in an import bookstore a week ago. So, I replace them with another books in my reading list

Hiduplah sederhana, supaya orang lain bisa hidup (Gandhi in Life lessons for women by Stephanie Marston)

Live simple, so others can live too (Gandhi in Life lessons for women by Stephanie Marston)

How to fix VSCOCAM troubleshoot ‘insufficient memory’ when importing a picture

Note: my phone is oppo neo 3 / r813k

Hello! Yesterday I tried to edit a picture with vsco cam app. The picture was taken from a dslr camera, so it has a bigger size and higher resolution. Previously, I had the ‘insufficient memory, please erase apps’ troubleshoot in my phone. However, It was fixed by uninstalling google play updates (the phone was fine for a few months). And then when I want to edit a picture with vscocam, the troubleshoot become worse. There’s a pop up message that forced me to uninstall my apps. Even I have 10 GB free space in sd card also 0.9 GB free in the phone/ system storage. The pop up message appear at least per 5 seconds. What a nerve right?

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