Self Fulfilling Prophecy and Self Serving Bias

Let’s get straight to the point.

I don’t know guys, I think I don’t know my self very well. Sometimes I’m feeling so proud of me, and sometimes I hate my self too. It could happened in the same day.

Like, for example, I found a book (damn I bought another book again :/) that I think it suits for me. It explained about graphic design briefly, I got a mini (but cute) pouch from an illustrator in a book tour event. I feel so happy at that time! Oh, how lucky I was! What worse can happen?

Worst things happened to me one by one. I got hit by the automatic parking gate. I have no fckin clue where was pedestrian supposed to walk. When I got hit, I heard that the staff yelled at me “watch out!” RIGHT AFTER I GOT HIT. I’m sure he DID THAT ON PURPOSE.

Thus, I searched for a grab driver, the phone was broken and I realized its battery isn’t right. I waited for 1 hour for nothing. I got home by riding a public transportation instead. The bestest moment of a day can be broken in just 3 minutes.

FYI, when I got off from the bus, I have to WALK for about 30-45 minutes to arrive in front of my house. If not, I have to take another public transportation again, twice, plus the traffic jam. A passenger told me, my plastic bag was torn up. Great. Really.

In the bus, I concerned what just happened with me. “why do I thinking like this?” “Isn’t it not good for my health?” “why is everything bad happened to me at once?” “why do people walks SO FCKN SLOW when I feel irritated?” “why do I carry my sisters’ items?” (its weight was about 1-2 kg) “why I haven’t found a guy that has the same hobby as me?” Aggh, I feel like my brain is shrinking.

Eh, almost forgot. Maybe I think like this because I didn’t got what was supposed to be mine. My rights. Last night I registered to a “book tour” event. Although the book wasn’t really my taste (romance, and the writer had thousand experience of broken heart) I’m afraid I wouldn’t get what he was saying. But the author said “sure you may join” after I asked him in his instagram. He speaks funny.

The problem is, in the poster said “awesome prize is waiting for the first 10 partcipants”. I feel thrilled. In the end of the book tour, my name was mentioned in the second place. Th editor of the book, who was willing to give the prize to the ‘lucky’ participants, never give the prize (maybe only to me? I don’t know who were the other 9 participants). The prize was a small notebook. It wasn’t cute either. I don’t need it. I have plenty of notebooks in my home, haven’t finished them yet. But I feel like my life is missing and colorless. What was supposed to be mine never arrive. Although I don’t really need it.


Can you help me to find some books that lead me to such information?

Hey guuys! It’s me again. College is very very beyond of my expectations._.

I mean, sure it is, the people are nice, the time is so much flexible than in high school. Yeah, but few of the people are assholes :/

Anyway, have you ever heard about me learning in No? OK, for anyone who’s willing to learn (and want to work hard to reach those skills as the artists in the instagram), you better check the website. I have been learning  since last December of 2016, and I can feel the change in my hands, also my heart.

Eh, I forgot what was supposed to be typed haha. If you ever join some art class , science, and geography class, you must be know about diversity of flora and fauna right? For example, birds in Java island is different from the birds in Lombok island. Most of the birds in Lombok has bright and shiny colours, and the size are also big, unlike in Java island.

I need books (or any information source- website) that give me information like that, but more complex.

I had found the example of the book. It’s Silver Secrets by Silver-Burdett Ginn publisher. Unfortunately, the book just provide me a few of differentiation of animals. Such as, the difference between hare & rabbit, crocodile & ____, iguana & chameleon.

If you had read any book that has similar information as the last paragraph above, please let me know by commenting in this post >.<

It’ll be more helpful if the source (books or website) provide some information like these:

  • Differentiation of animals in one species (for example, Elephant is one kind of mammal species. But do you know that elephants from Africa had larger ears than elephants in Asia?)
  • How to draw race? (Drawing faces and give them uniqueness is easy, but do you know exactly what to draw when you want to illustrate humans of negroid, mongolian, or maybe caucasian, and even people from Sri Lanka? My art teacher in the high school said, each race has its own ‘face composition’ to define them. Unfortunately I don’t know what book I should pick to learn more about this.)

Thank you for all of the support! In the next post I’ll tell you about my reasons of why I draw and my silly experiences/ attempts to build this skill. See you next time!


NB: do you enjoy my books review? Do you have any suggestion of what book should I review? Is it more fun to read a book tour (a review which contain each chapters of the book being break down by the reviewer) or just the review only? Do not hesitate to comments 🙂

Being pathetic

While I was thinking how bad I was, suddenly I remember another bad memory from the past (when I was at school, I was being bullied many ttimes). And then I remember who were helped me at that time, and who doesn’t care about me.
So, while studying, I see a person who doesn’t care about me on instagram. After some check, I asked her to follow me back, maybe she doesn’t know me because I have a different username from my real name. Her latest photo was posted about 4 minutes ago, it’s a big chance that she was still in on her screen. After a night, she doesn’t follow me back. And then I wonder if everyone I have met doesn’t remember me for some purposes

Fantastic postcards and where to find them

Hallå! So sorry for not posting in a very long time! >.< If you have been following my blog for months, you must be already know that I’m so so so interested in postcrossing community:D

Nah buat yang suka sama postcrossing, udah tau belum, dimana aja kalian bisa beli kartu pos (secara offline), khususnya di daerah Bandung?

I’ve been travelling for a while when I’m not posting anything here. Yah jadi inilah hasil huntinganku keliling-keliling kota Bandung buat nyari kartu pos hehe. Mudah-mudahan bisa berguna buat kalian yang mau beli kartu pos.

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Kantor Pos di citylink (Ada kantor pos di mall?? O_o)

Long time no see! I guess? Hai udah lama ga ngepost nih. Setelah berusaha menerapkan book ban semenjak berbulan bulan yg lalu, hasilnya yah… Book bannya tetep gagal hehe. Oh iya, tips buat yg pengen puasa dari buku, mendingan cari kesibukan yg similar. Kalo aku sih, sedang menekuni menggambar, botanical painting (ternyata gambar bunga susah ya, apalagi yg kecil2 tapi banyak-,-), crafting (meskipun jarang2), dan yg saat ini sedang sangat ditekuni yaitu postcrossing!

Nah, bagi yg belum tau, postcrossing adalah kegiatab tujar menukar kartu pos dengan orang-orang dari penjuru dunia. Eh iya definisinya masih rampung hehehe.

Tapi apakah kartu posnya harus beli? Kan mahal. Lagian dimana juga toko yg jual kartu pos? Pos kan udah dead gara2 ada commercial shipping dan ga ada yg butuh perangko.

Eitss jangan salah sangka. Bisnis yg dilakukan oleh pt pos Indonesia ga cuma me-deliver surat dan paket aja kok. Ada bisnis swalayan, kirim uang pake wesel, dll. Jadi pos Indonesia belum dead yaa (hopefully).

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Testimoni Bukalapak

Hi guys! Rasanya udah lama nih ga ngepost testimonial di blog ini, maklum ya lagi book diet, jadi jarang2 beli beli online deh.😋

Nah e-commerce yang akan dibahas disini yaitu bukalapak! Pasti udah pada denger kan, dari internet atau iklan di tv. Keunikan bukalapak yaitu pembeli akan mentransfer uangnya ke rek. bukalapak, bukan ke rek. pelapaknya secara langsung. Kalo barangnya udah nyampe di tangan pembeli, baru deh pelapak akan menerima uang pembeli yg ada di rek. milik bukalapak ini. Hasilnya gimana yaa? Apakah tetep aman?

Nah dari pengalaman aku sih, ada 2/3 transaksinya berjalan mulus, salah satunya engga. Gini nih ceritanya:

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